About Us

Kensho Kreations is an Ohio-based, family owned and operated company that prides 
itself on producing high quality candles that will leave you with a feeling of calm and
relaxation we call the “Kensho Experience.”
Every candle we make is unique, hand poured, and especially designed with a purpose.
Each candle is accompanied with a Zen word to inform and invoke serenity and
empowerment!  We use a beautiful, creamy textured soy blend wax, richly infused with
aromatic, calming fragrances that everyone can incorporate into their daily moments of
manifestation, meditation, or just simply making a room smell amazing! 
Join the Kensho Experience!  Kensho meaning:  the Zen experience or enlightenment,
when one’s own nature is seen for what it truly is.  We hope you enjoy our candles as
much as we enjoy making them specifically for you!